Spooky Stroll

A puzzle crawler with Clarence and Jeff.


A "pet puzzle crawler" that runs in a small window and can be played in short bursts.

Grudgeball - Enter the Chaosphere

Futuristic Regular Show sport-game for mobiles.

Finn & Bones

Jake has been kidnapped by an army of hungry skeletons! Only Finn and the power of SCIENCE can save him.

Toxic Targets

Total Drama game. Take down as many targets as you can with Chef's toxic meatballs!

Adventure Time: Apple-Treasure Fetch

a fresh take on the classic Snake game!

Best Park in The Universe

Regular Show beat'em up!

Marceline Gameplay Mockup

Gameplay video mockup that I draw and animated in two days

Hito 26

Illustration for IndArg.


A Handy ColorMatrix Editor.

Argentron T

Custom arcade cabinet.

El Buenón

Made in one night jam.


A simple animation and music exercise, but a personal favourite.

Tiny Tests x3

Just fooling around, testing some techniques..

Loops for Diaz

Miscellaneous loops around the work of the artist Raul Diaz.

Nostalgic Dumpster

A bunch of oldies. Animations and illustrations.

Flash Scripts

A collection of miscellaneus jsfl scripts.

Photoshop Scripts

A collection of miscellaneus jsx scripts.


Hi stranger!
My name is Jeremias Babini, and this is the place where I tried and fail at keeping in order the things I made.
I really enjoy learning new stuff, so I’m constantly jumping between animation, music and games, or whatever that push my knowledge to challenging and unexplored territories.
Thanks for stopping by!